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Siemens M215 Microinverters

Siemens M215 Microinverters

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The Siemens M215 Microinverters offer DC current to maximize energy production, providing up to an additional 5-20% energy production. This product is designed for safety above all else, and the 25 year warranty reflects that commitment. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Siemens M215 Microinverters are the safest in the market.

Peak Inverter Efficiency: 96.5% 
CEC Weighted Efficiency: 96% 
Recommended PV Input (STC): 260W 
Maximum DC Input Voltage: 45V 
Maximum DC Input Current: 10A 
AC Nominal Voltage: 208 V 240 V 
AC Frequency: 60Hertz 
Continous AC Power Output: 215Watts 
Nominal AC Voltage: 208Volts 
Dimensions: 1 × 6.8 × 6.2 inches 
Weight: 3.5 pounds
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Precision Checks for Optimal Performance


Upon placing your order, we diligently organize the panels according to your specific requirements. Following this, a comprehensive sun test is conducted to verify their functionality. If any issues arise, rest assured that we offer a hassle-free refund or replacements free of charge.

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Your solar panels are carefully packaged with utmost attention to detail, using three layers of industrial wrap and six metal bands securely strapped to solid pallets, ensuring that your solar panels arrive in perfect condition, ready for installation.

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Seamless delivery with our swift and reliable freight partners, now enhanced with complimentary lift gate services. We prioritize timely and secure shipments to bring your solar panels to your doorstep promptly. Track your order and enjoy the convenience of a smooth delivery process.