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Our customer favorites are like the celebrities of solar panels. Join the trend and shine bright with the best in renewable energy.

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Used Solar Panels

Discover the benefits of using high-quality, used and refurbished second-hand solar modules. Save money while reducing your environmental impact.

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Buy in Bulk, Full Pallets Ship Free of Charge!

Get the edge in your big solar projects with our wide range of wholesale solar panel options. Choose from various sizes, wattages, and models.

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New Solar Panels

Brand new, never used solar panels that will revolutionize your energy consumption. Experience the benefits of renewable energy and take control of your electricity usage.

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  • High Performance

    We test and certify our panels to meet industry standards for performance. We make sure you get what you pay for, and more.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    Our panels are priced lower than our competitors so you can have affordable power.

  • Refund Policy

    All used and new product have a 1-year warranty with us. If shown up broken or not working properly, we can reimburse or replace your panels for free!

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Questions Customers Often Ask

"How long does delivery take?"

Some customers receive their orders in 3 days, others in two weeks, so it really depends on where you are located and where the products are shipping from. We use third party freight carriers and they often have their routes where they stop/drop-off other orders on the way. Contact us to find out your delivery estimate.

"Will the truck have a lift gate?"

Yes, if the order is going to a residential address we send it out on a lift gate. If you do not need a lift gate and have a way to get your order unloaded, let us know!

"Do you guys do installation?"

As of right now we do not provide installation services, but we do get you the best products to use, guaranteed.

"Do you guys ship anywhere in the U.S?"

Yes. We don't care where you're at. We'll get it to you.

"Can I return my order?"

Simply put, we cannot take returns, but we do offer reimbursement and replacement options. Visit our Policies tab for more information on how we guarantee our products and how our warranty works!

"How long have you guys been in business?"

We've been present in the solar industry for 13 years and counting!

Our Mission

"Clear Energy is dedicated to promoting sustainable living and reducing waste in the solar industry by offering high-quality new and repurposed solar equipment to customers at an affordable price."
"We believe that everyone should have access to renewable and environmentally friendly energy, and our mission is to make that possible by providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution that prioritse both the health of the planet and the well-being of our customers."
- Brandon Lea, CEO at Clear Energy Partners
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The Clear Choice for your Solar Partnership.

In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, solar power stands out as a beacon of hope for a cleaner and greener future. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of renewable energy, the demand for solar panels has soared. However, the cost of installing a new solar energy system can be prohibitive for many individuals and businesses. That's where refurbished solar panels come into play, offering an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative.
  • Refurbished Solar Panels for Sale

    Leading provider of renewable energy solutions while offering a wide range of refurbished solar panels for sale on our website These panels have been carefully inspected, tested, and restored to optimal working condition, ensuring their reliability and efficiency. By opting for refurbished solar panels, customers can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while also saving on costs. Don't try and guess where to buy used solar panels, Clear Energy Partners simplifies the process of transitioning to solar energy by providing a user-friendly platform to buy used solar panels online. Our website offers detailed product descriptions, specifications, and pricing information, allowing customers to make informed decisions. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their reliable products and excellent customer service.

  • Buy Used Solar Panels for Sale

    For those looking to harness the power of the sun without breaking the bank, Clear Energy Partners provides an extensive selection of high-quality used solar panels. These panels, sourced from trusted manufacturers, are available at competitive prices, making solar energy accessible to a broader audience. By purchasing used solar panels, customers contribute to the reduction of electronic waste and promote the circular economy. Finding used solar panels for sale has never been this easy. Clear Energy Partners understands the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation. By offering used solar panels for sale, they encourage eco-conscious consumers to adopt solar energy solutions without compromising on quality. These panels are thoroughly inspected and vetted, ensuring that customers receive reliable products that meet their energy needs.

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Clear Energy Partners is a trusted destination for individuals and businesses seeking affordable and eco-friendly solar energy solutions. By offering refurbished and used solar panels, modules and other components, they empower customers to embrace clean energy alternatives without straining their budgets. Visit today to explore their range of high-quality solar products and take a significant step towards a sustainable future.