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Why Should I Choose Used Solar Panels Over New Ones?

You might ask: "Why are people replacing panels that still have 20+ years of life remaining?" "What is the reason for getting rid of panels that cultivate energy just as they did when they were new?"

The reasons why are pretty simple. Solar energy is a fast-growing technology that is advancing at a very competitive pace. When you think about it Solar has only started becoming mainstream the last 15 years or so. People who’ve bought panels 5 years ago are already very outdated compared to what they can have that was manufactured in the current year.

Most panels we buy are from solar farms or comercial buildings in the US that upgrade their systems to newer, more efficient models. But the panels are still in great condition and work excellent.

Also, the government provides subsidies for businesses and residential owners that switch to solar power. Many state and local governments offer additional incentives for solar energy, such as rebates, grants, and loan programs. These incentives can vary widely depending on location. When these subsidies run out, users can replace their panels and receive new subsidies and loans in return. That is why the used solar business is an enormous market.

Used panels have only been used for 2-5 years, were built to last a minimum of 25 years, and are being sold for les than halft the price if you were to get them new. So if you're a person that likes discounts and looks to get the best deal possible, used solar might just be right up your alley.

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